Saturday, August 16, 2014

Woman brings sexual harassment suit against fire department.

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–Guest reporting done by Chip of the Chip&Jay Show

Misty Lynn Winger is bringing a sexual harassment suit against a fire department in Texas. The details of Misty’s allegations have been getting a lot of media attention. Call the Cops was determined to get to the bottom of the story so we reached out to Misty for an exclusive.
Law SuitMisty told Call the Cops that she was hired by the department in early June 2014 as a driver. She previously held a driver position at a fire station in Delaware and told Call the Cops that she was looking for a change in scenery after a serious break up. Misty told us that she was officially employed by the station for one day.
Misty says she should have seen the signs from the beginning. She told Call the Cops that the sexual harassment was prevalent right off the bat during her initial interview with Fire Chief Darrel Thomas. Misty tells us, “At one point during the interview he (Chief Thomas) actually had the audacity to say that I seemed ‘VERY experienced’, I can’t believe he would comment on my sexual history in a job interview. He at one point sheepishly looked down at my resume and said this looks good, he was clearly talking about my body as if it was an inanimate object right in front of me!”
Misty told us that the harassment became worse as the interview continued. “The absolute worst part was after the interview was over Chief Thomas said that he would call me! I certainly did not want him calling me up looking for some bootycall; he was clearly undressing me with his eyes the entire time”.
Misty says once she officially started at the station “things got real bad real quick”. She told Call the Cops that on her first day a firefighter got real creepy and told her “I hear you can go fast”. She also claims that a fellow driver said he was on his lunch break and wanted to know if he could grab her a sandwich, I don’t come to work to have dinner dates Misty told us.
When we asked Misty if there was a particular incident that prompted the lawsuit she is quoted telling Call the Cops “Hell yeah there was a particular incident, we were in the rig driving to a 3 alarm fire and my creep of a fire chief instructed me to ‘haul some ass!’ I came to my job to make a difference and save lives not to be on the receiving end of anal sex innuendos from my boss”
Once the interview with Misty came to an end our reporter asked her if she understood the seriousness of her allegations. Misty responded to the question by telling us “Of course I understand the seriousness of the situation! I am gonna make some SERIOUS cash! I hope they just decide to settle outside of court to keep everything hush!”
Call the Cops have been unsuccessful in our attempts to sit down with Chief Thomas. He has told us he has more pressing matters to attend to ensuring public safety.

Man dials 911 alleging DVD rental service putting him on “Gay List”

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                                                                                                                     –Guest reporting done by Chip of the Chip&Jay Show

We have all heard of bizarre 911 calls however Linda Allred had no idea what she was in for when she arrived to her 911 dispatch job on July 24th.
DVD by Mail
DVDs by Mail
Linda tells Call the Cops that it was a pretty quiet day until around 7:00 PM when she received a call from Charlotte North Carolina resident David Peterson. Linda tells us this was the first of many calls from David that night.
David Peterson who lives in a rural area of Charlotte has a bone to pick with one of today’s largest DVD retailers and after not receiving satisfaction from the company’s corporate office David took his complaint to 911.
David claims that on July 2nd 2014 he placed an order on the company’s website to rent the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. On July 5th he eagerly ran to his mailbox to pick up his recently ordered DVD only to find the movie How to Train your Dragon sitting on top of a stack of bills.
To most this may be considered an easy mistake made on part of the DVD retailer however David is convinced there is a far more complex and sinister explanation.
David tells 911 dispatcher Linda Allred that the DVD retailer has clearly placed him on a “gay list” and that when their computers picked up on the keyword “dragon” it automatically sent him How to Train your Dragon.
After spending over 8 minutes assuring Linda that he is “into women” David goes on to tell Linda that this injustice cannot go unpunished. David explains that if one of his neighbors had seen the DVD he would be considered the laughing stock of the neighborhood. David says the incident could have had a direct impact on his landscaping business. David was quoted saying “folks want to know that a certain type of gentleman is caring for their lawn, they want a man with a green thumb not a brown one”.
Linda tells Call the Cops that she repeatedly told Mr. Peterson that 911 is to be used only for emergency calls and that he needs to take his complaint up with the company in question. David assured Linda that he already took these measures and got nowhere. He told Linda that the company has gone into cover up mode and is insisting that it was a simple mistake. David told Linda that he knows better and was quoted saying “this is how it starts, today I receive a children’s DVD in the mail and tomorrow I receive a Play Girl”.
Linda eventually had to hang up on Mr. Peterson and tells Call the Cops that after he continued to call back and tie up the emergency line she had to send an officer to his residence. Linda tells us that abusing 911 is a serious issue and that she personally hopes criminal charges are filed against Mr. Peterson.

Group upset when they can’t get budget from local police department

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                                                                               –Guest reporting done by Chip of the Chip&Jay Show
Several housewives in the gated community Sunrise Peak have assembled a group they are calling Affluent Mothers Against Suicide.
hot firemanThe groups spokeswoman Carolyn Butters says “when we’re not spending our time reporting our neighbors for minor HOA infractions such as small oil stains on the driveway or bringing their cans in the morning AFTER trash day we are focused on making a difference for the most important people in our lives, our kids”.
AMAS (affluent mothers against suicide) have recently set their sights on putting an end to Man Crush Monday or #MCM on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Carolyn tells Call the Cops that the group approached their local police department seeking a $40,000 budget to kick of their campaign against Man Crush Monday and is not only surprised but disgusted by the departments refusal to fund the $40,000 campaign.
Man Crush Monday or #MCM is a new fad many young people participate in which they post a picture of a man or boy they have a crush on with the hashtag #MCM.
AMAS say this is a harmful trend and that their children’s high-school needs to ban Man Crush Monday immediately before someone gets their feelings seriously hurt.
Carolyn says her 16 year old son Mark hasn't been anyone's “Man Crush” in 6 consecutive Mondays and she can tell its starting to take a toll on him.
Carolyn tells Call the Cops “Man Crush Monday is a form of cyber bullying and if we dont get it under control kids are going to start dropping dead”
AMAS fear if schools don't place an immediate ban on Man Crush Monday parents are going to actually start having real conversations with their adolescent sons about self esteem.
Carolyn says that she just knows if Affluent Mothers Against Suicide had $40,000 to fund the campaign it would literally save lives and she hopes her local police department reconsiders their decision and “throws some money our way”.
A spokesman from the police department told Call the Cops that the proposal they received from Affluent Mothers Against Suicide had several holes in it and they still are unclear how the $40,000 would be used.